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Map of Ile de la Cite

The island is ultimately a small one, and and this Google map shows the layout very well. As well as the island in the river itself you can see it's neighbor to the east. But read below for a historic surprise!


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Compare with this detail of a 1705 map of the city which shows while the Ile itself has changed little it previously had two companions to the east, where today there is only one.

Île Saint-Louis Another Island Île Saint-Louis is the easterly neighbour of Ile de la Cite and although smaller does have many intereting sites. Don't miss the chance to visit both as the are directly next to each other in the Sein.

Cross directly from one to the other via the pedestrian only Pont Saint-Louis which connects Quai d'Orleans to Quai de Borbon. On the Saint-Louis side enjoy one of the many fine cafes or look into the small shops that serve the residents of the island.

Don't walk far though as it is a small island and you'll soon have left it!

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